Griffin Fishing Is Back In Action!

Griffin Fishing Is Back In Action

Griffin Fishing Is Back In Action!

How is it January already?! Time Flies. Everyone at Griffin Fishing is back in action and has been working double-time since Hurricane Ida to get the lodge back up and going and doing as much fishing as we possibly can!

Big thank you to everyone who has shown support to the lodge and the local Lafitte & Barataria community since the storm! We are blessed to have friends, family, and customers that helped us get the lodge functional enough to open in October and salvage some of the fall fishing seasons. Luckily, we were able to quickly get many of the rooms gutted and put back together after the flood. Sadly, our cookhouse had seen one flood too many and could not be saved, but our friends at Cruisin’ Kitchens in San Antonio helped us outfit a Griffin Fishing Food Truck, and Chef Cornell is cranking out the delish Cajun Cuisine! Now that things have started to slow down for winter and the holidays, our crew is fixing things up and getting the rest of our guest suites back to 100%. By Spring, we will be better than before. Keep an eye out, we’ve even got some room to grow planned for 2022!

Our Fishing Guides were able to bounce right back after Hurricane Ida’s clean-up. Huge shout out to our die-hard customers that promised to come fish whether we had a lodge or not! The water and land have changed some, and there is certainly some debris to keep an eye out for, but the Louisiana Fishing Gods have reminded us why we do it all! Redfish, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Catfish, Trout…they didn’t seem to mind the Hurricane. As usual towards the end of Fall, the redfish have slowed down a little (boats still getting 8-10 redfish per day), but the trout have moved into the area to make the catches a little more plentiful. 

Our books are filling up fast for 2022 with rescheduled trips from the hurricane and our annual trips that we fish year after year. If you want to get on the books, please don’t wait too long!

Please give us a call or shoot us an email now!

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